Katja Thater: A Female Poker Pro From Germany

Katja Thater is a woman who definitely knows what success means. In the world of business, she became a successful executive of a company engaged in the event and marketing industry. As far as horse breeding is concerned, she competed and has been continuously competing in dressage tournaments successfully. Furthermore, Katja Thater has also been experiencing success as a female professional poker player.

According to some poker professionals and to some people who are involved with the poker industry, Katja Thater is a female professional poker player whose skills can definitely match those of some of the poker giants. She discovered her poker skills herself when she was given the chance to play the game when she accompanied her husband, professional poker player Jan von Halle, to a poker event held in Baden, Austria. Her husband was taking a restroom break and so, Katja Thater covered for him and temporarily played on his behalf. The game was a Seven Card Stud game wherein she experienced her first poker victory. Since then, she became hooked in playing professional poker.

Born in Hamburg, Germany in 1966, Katja Thater is recognized as the most famous female professional poker player in Germany. She appeared in such television programs as the "Woman's Poker Open" and the "Poker Nations Cup," which made her very popular in her country.

A resident of Wedemark, Germany, Katja Thater has been successfully making cash finishes since 2006, but the real triumph of this female professional poker player happened on June 17, 2007 when she played in a US$1, 500 Razz Seven Card game that was featured at the 38th Annual World Series of Poker. This female professional poker player did not only win US$132,653 but also won a World Series of Poker bracelet.

Katja Thater was actually seen in three events of the 38th Annual World Series of Poker. Aside from the one previously mentioned, this female professional poker player was also seen playing in a Pot Limit Hold'em event and in the championship game of No Limit Hold'em. She won US$3,567 and US$49,151, respectively, in the said events.

Katja Thater also made cash finishes at the 37th Annual World Series of Poker twice. The first one was on July 5, 2006 when she joined a Seven Card Stud game that made her won US$3,262, and the second one happened on July 11, 2006 when she joined a Pot Limit Hold'em game that made her won US$2,685.

This female professional poker player also finished in the money in events featured at such tournaments as the Irish Winter Tour, the Polish Open, the Barcelona Open, and the Poker Olympic de Open 2 tournament.

So, what makes Katja Thater a successful female professional poker player? Some of her admirable qualities when facing opponents are aggressiveness, emotionless, and determination.