Poker Profiles: Evelyn Ng

Women Poker players are not too many. But those who are currently going around the circuit are definitely making their presence felt in a 'don't discriminate me for being a woman' sort of way. Evelyn Ng is one of the more serious women players who was able to prove that there is more to her good looks than meets the eye. She certainly means business whenever she is seated t the Poker table, whoever her opponents may be. Her biggest dream is to figure at the final table of a World Series of Poker Main Event. With the way she is managing her career at present, that may not be as far a reality as some may think.

Ng has a mean record that could easily give her men counterparts a run for their money. On her first World Poker Tour appearance, she placed second, earned good bucks from it, and bested such remarkable talents as Jennifer Harman, Kathy Leibert, and Annie Duke.

Ng's interest in playing cards started when she was a teenager. Unlike the ordinary bunch, she is more fond of Pool, betting, and gambling than make-up, boys, and courtship. At 14, Ng has shown that she is not only good at the Pool table but at the Poker table as well. She piled up wins after wins after wins until Daniel Degreanu decided to take her skills to a higher level. The Canadian Poker professional did not think twice about playing master to Ng as his apprentice because of her inimitable winning skills. It was Degreanu who taught Ng to deal with different players. It was also him who told her about the benefits she can earn from playing. Moreover, he was also the man who taught her how to fall in love.

Ng is a good student. She was able to put to heart the lessons that Degreanu gave her. Soon enough, she was out and about, earning entries to every tournament she would feel she can make good. As she piles up more earnings, it became clear to Ng that she can actually make a living out of gambling. That's what she has been doing for years now. Although she is still based in California, you will definitely find Ng in Las Vegas almost instantly because it is where the real action is. She frequents Bellagio and also goes around online sites. When she is not busy making money and breaking men's hearts at the Poker table, Ng can be found sitting at a corner doing what she enjoys -- listening to good music, watching good movies, and hanging out with good companies.