7 Card Stud Poker Strategies

Because of a lack of knowledge, a lot of players making the transition from Texas Holdem to 7 Card Stud Poker often assume it is a far simpler game and easier to win. As they soon learn, it is not the case at all, and different methods have to be employed.

To help you win regularly, it is important to keep the following things in mind. First, no matter what you may have been accustomed to in hi lo or Limit Holdem, the most important element in any 7 Card Stud Poker strategy are the high pairs.

Getting a high pair (TT or higher) then you should, regardless of your position, to raise. If, based on the tells, that the other players got weak hands, then your 7 Card Stud Poker strategy would be to raise, up to three time or whatever the maximum bet is per round. Let them know what you are holding. If they think you are bluffing and call, so much the better.

Playing for straights is something that a lot of new players cannot resist, and in certain instances, it can work. However, if you are going to include this in your 7 Card Stud Poker strategy, it should only be if you are two short or better, and you must complete it by the fifth card.

If you get a set or trip, then it can be a viable option to check and call and then raise it to the maximum on the fifth card. You never want to win a small pot with a big hand. As for high pairs, the usual 7 Card Stud Poker strategy is to slow play them, but if there are a couple of other face cards, then you should fast play.

Different hands require diverse 7 Card Stud Poker tactics: if you hold low pair and a superior up card, then slow playing will be important if you want to get a trip or a two pair. A common error made by players is placing too much emphasis on suited cards. Unless they are paired, these hands are very difficult to work with in 7 Card Stud Poker.

With a lot of different ways to play, one can now see that there is no one strategy to victory in 7 Card Stud Poker. What you need to do is learn as many as you can, and modify them as suits your playing style. Doing this will help you take more pots.